Outreachy wrap-up thoughts

It is March 2021. Three months passed quickly and my internship ended. And, this is my wrap-up post about the whole experience.
My fear before internship was that I won’t be able to complete my project. It looked complex.

On Career Goals

My Outreachy internship is close to an end and it is time to think about my next steps. Not sure what is waiting for me in the future. Here I am starting my journey with three month work experience under my belt.

Midpoint review of Outreachy internship

I have been in an Outreachy internship for two months. And, would like to share my experience so far. So I will start with how it started. We had an introduction to the manila project, and were shared resources to familiarize ourselves with our project and community.

Barley Field on Sunrise

About me and why I applied to Outreachy

My path before was completely unrelated to tech. For about 10 years I worked in the hotel industry. But I always felt, something is missing.