Outreachy wrap-up thoughts

It is March 2021. Three months passed quickly and my internship ended. And, this is my wrap-up post about the whole experience.
My fear before internship was that I won’t be able to complete my project. It looked complex.

Openstack manila project for newcomers

The OpenStack project is an open source cloud computing platform, which is simple to use and has all the useful features. The Manila project is one of the OpenStack projects. It is the shared file system service, that provides services to manage shared file systems in the multi-project cloud environment.

Everybody Struggles

I had and idea on how to implement it and everything was working as expected. Then it was time to write tests. I made some changes to the code and test data. When I run tests, it kept failing. It was giving same type error on all tests.

development tools

Getting started with OpenStack: how to setup development environment

Many resources are there to help a beginner OpenStack developer. But it might get complex for a beginner and you might run into many errors like I did. So, I decided to compile all steps I followed to install DevStack, address errors I faced in this article.