Outreachy wrap-up thoughts

It is March 2021. Three months passed quickly and my internship ended. And, this is my wrap-up post about the whole experience.

My fear before internship was that I won’t be able to complete my project. It seemed complex.  I approached it step by step. Looked at existing code, started figuring out how this all linked together. At the end I understood it was manageable and in case I stuck I had someone to ask.

I completed the project and a few other additional tasks as well. And my advice for someone with the same fear would be not to give up, look for different ways to solve the problem and ask help if you are stuck. This wasn’t without support from my mentors.

On other good things about Outreachy internship. It encourages you to open up. Write a blog, participate in intern chats. Be involved in your community.

Before internship I didn’t interact much with other developers. Sometimes I would participate in Coursera or freeCodeCamp forums and that is mostly it. But during internship I interacted with other developers through reviews, through community meetings. Then I had a networking chat with people I never met. It is encouraging to see they are open to help, to talk and share their experiences and career tips.

I improved my Python skills, learned how Django works. Also improved my problem solving skills. And also I know how to write tests, debug the code.

This allowed me to complete my project. It is still waiting for reviews, but I think it is ready to be merged. Hopefully soon the share shrink feature will be available to users of Manila Management dashboard.

Internship is ended, but I will continue working with Manila UI. I want to further improve it and add some new features. Also, I feel more confident in my skills and the path I chose was right.

Thank you Outreachy for introducing me to the OpenStack community, and to the open source world. 

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay.

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