On Career Goals

My Outreachy internship is close to an end and it is time to think about my next steps. Not sure what is waiting for me in the future. Here I am starting my journey with three month work experience under my belt at 32 πŸ™‚ One thing I am sure of is I would like to continue developing applications. And, I like a developer’s job. I like the creative process of it, thinking and solving problems. 

My top tools are Python and Django. I know JavaScript and front end libraries like React, Bootstrap, Materialize CSS. Familiar with SQL. I will probably learn Go in the future πŸ™‚ 

I am looking for a position in a company with a good team culture, opportunities to grow my technical skills. One I can rely on, they can rely on me. Can be remote or office. I like both.

During my internship I read a lot about cloud technologies. It is a complex and fascinating area. I would love to continue working developing cloud applications. More of back end development. But I am happy to work in other areas, maybe different technologies. I don’t like being stuck in one area and welcome any chance to learn and try something different.

I will continue contributing to OpenStack. And, developing my technical skills, learning technologies. And also want to be involved in projects that help to educate women, beyond the age of 28. If you know any, I am ready to volunteer and share.

That is all the plans for now. Will continue to follow my goals and dreams. Nobody knows what is going to be next. I know many doors will be closed for me, but I believe the right door will open at the right time πŸ˜‰

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