Midpoint review of Outreachy internship

I have been in an Outreachy internship for two months. And, would like to share my experience so far. So I will start with how it started.

I am doing an internship with OpenStack manila project and my mentor is Victoria Martinez de la Cruz.

On December 1st we, both interns of December 20 round had an orientation call with our mentors. We had an introduction to the manila project, and were shared resources to familiarize ourselves with our project and community. It was very well organized. And we were stressed there is no pressure to finish our project. It’s true really I had a lot of stress before it started. Then step by step slow down and fix a code one at a step. Since then I had weekly video calls with my mentor to discuss open topics, blockers and goals. And also, we had training on how to set up our development environment. We have weekly chats with other Outreachy interns. I will miss it once the program is over for sure. And we are writing weekly blog posts. As you see, I am practicing writing skills as well 🙂 

I started checking the openstack/manila repository on github. My previous work I have done during the contribution period helped me. I had an idea how to implement my project. I submitted my patch to Gerrit. This is an OpenStack code review platform. While I was waiting for review I started working on another task,  Manila UI API upgrade. Had a couple of adventures on the way, two times integration tests were broken on the code review platform and reviews on my code were delayed. So additionally now I know where to look and how to fix if tests are broken on a main gate 🙂 

I can say my skills are better today than they were two months ago. I am also introduced to the world of cloud computing. I thought this area was complex before. But I see now an interesting area whose future is big. I have overcome my fears and my skills are not enough. My problem solving and research skills are better. Best thing about Outreachy is you are not alone, I have support from my fellow Outreachy interns, my mentor. Soon my internship will end and I am looking for a job. I’ll make another post for my career goals.

I would advise every aspiring programmer to contribute to open source. You will practice your skills and it is not complex. Now while applying for a job, I can demonstrate my experience. I can say so far Outreachy program met my expectations and more. That is all for my midpoint review and I’ll continue to share my experience.

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