After events and thoughts

Tallinn View

After my internship ended, I applied to many companies. Ideally, I wished for a software engineer role. I failed some interviews, for some I didn’t get any feedback. But was lucky to be selected for the Site Reliability Engineer role at Microsoft Development Center in Tallinn. I had a total of five interviews, which were not as difficult because my role was a junior role. Then it was a long process of getting a visa and background check. And in July 2021 I started at my workplace.

I was excited and at the same time afraid that I would fail. I didn’t consider I had all the necessary skills to be successful at the job and was worried how it would go. It took time to learn things, to adjust, pick up new skills and here I am completing my third month.

Also onne of my fears was Microsoft would be like other corporations I worked for before, where you have to somebody else then yourself. I hoped not and thankful it turned out not to be. Feel supported here and was provided with resources for self and professional improvement. I work from home and am free to organize my work. 

During these three months I learned to move step by step. Not to try to achieve everything at once. There will be times that I will fail and that is ok. There will be times I doubt myself and that is ok. Important thing is not to give up, move slowly but always forward. Nothing is no achievable or non-learnable. Along the way I learned C#, well not as good 🙂 but enough for work and learning other skills.

And moving to Estonia and adjusting was easy overall. Well documents were a longer process, I haven’t received some until now. Everybody scares me with the cold winter here, but let’s see 🙂 I like summer and autumn here. Autumn is beautiful.

Happy to be here at this moment 🙂

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