My name is Dina Saparbaeva. I am newbie software developer from Kyrgyzstan. I started learning programming by myself since April 2020.

Before that, I worked in hotel industry from waitress to accountant, and by that time work became routine and I felt like change was needed. And then due to pandemics my hotel was closed and suddenly lots of free time was available to me. Before that I knew already basic stuff, like HTML, CSS, could write simple code in Python and JavaScript and decided to get serious about programming and changing career. It seemed like life itself is pushing me to a change.

So, I seriously dived in to Codecademy, finished Python Path and then was following freeCodeCamp learning structure.

I applied to Outreachy in September 2020 and yay! was accepted as an Outreachy intern with OpenStack Manila Team.

In this blog I will be sharing my Outreachy experience and my documenting my path to software developer career, share few useful tips , technologies, thoughts.

You can contact me via my social links.